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UAE-India flights to top passenger growth by 2036

Faster planes and lower fares make for a growing appetite for travel that will shift the aviation landscape in the coming decades according to a recent report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Nearly 7.8 billion people, approximately 87 percent of the world’s population, will experience flight in 2036.

The charge will be led by China as it displaces the US as the world’s biggest market for air travel in 2022, two years earlier than IATA had earlier forecasted.

India will also emerge as one of the world’s three fastest growing air transport markets by 2036.

IATA expects an over 240 percent increase in the number of travellers over Indian skies, amounting to an addition of 337 million travellers over the next two decades.

Flights between India and the UAE will make the country pair the fastest growing travel segment in the industry. Itineraries between the two countries will add over 20,300 passengers per year, an over 6.3 percent growth rate and among the highest in the world.

Flights between Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also expected to grow and contribute to an overall five percent growth in travellers by 2036, the second highest global growth rate in the world.

Asia Pacific, expected to account for over half of global air travel by 2036, and growing by 4.6 percent, in addition to Africa by 5.9 percent, will cement the weight of air travel’s shift eastward, according to IATA, as traffic growth rates over Europe and North America lag at 2.3 percent each.

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